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Playfair Display is a sophisticated font with tall, imposing letters. It's ideal for titles, headlines and short blocks of copy - like a product description.

Song Name
Ain't that something
Love's reward, a song sung by a dog
An ode to life - BIRTH
The wonder of BIRTH
An ode to life - DEATH
The inevitability of DEATH
An ode to life - DECAY
The sweetness of DECAY
An ode to life - SAMSARA
The cycle of SAMSARA
Before One Million Comes One
Inspiration, mother Theresa
Blood In The Apple
Stunning in its courage to be happy
Chasing The Sun
"Time is the actual Distance between people"
Common Man
On cleaning up my country
Could It Be?
The Oldest Surviving Religion...
"All this has happened before, we're just the re-runs"
Fields of Sound
A homage to music, a homage to musicians
I gamble on
"I was once a fine upright citizen,Now I’m a many aliased netizen"
I'm fine
A moment of hope in a period of seperation
Ignoring Gravity
Why does (normally earthbound) soil, break all the rules and rise at the mere promise of rain?
LOVE is... Freedom from FEAR
"I believe in Jihad, If LOVE is the weapon"
Karmic Steps
"Seems to me we walked on water"
La Petite Mort
The little death, the big O
Listen Like The Blind
In matters of music, trust the ears above all
Lost Vote
"Something's missing,Don't let it be you"
It is written, and by your hands it's re-written
" 'Maya' the name suits her well, this little life has never been"
"Come act your dream in mindstreet"
A Love story gone wrong
"There’s money that breathes & money that bleeds"
No Contest
"It's a 'no contest', we cannot lose"
Party For Warriors
"We ain't here to 'Save' anybody, the max we do, is help"
Prison chains
Work is an important part of life, it's not life itself
"Questions dipped in poison, burning with seeds of doubt"
Rinse & Repeat
"We'll give, but we won't allow ourselves, to be used"
Rise up
"Victory lies in what we start not who or what we stop"
Sacred Ground
"Everyone gets what they're committed to"
"We're Oceanian too"
Some doors have opened
"Coz some doors once opened can never be closed again"
Soul Corporations
"And if there is a truth to be told, religion's just a shadow of god."
Ssh... Listen
Reality weavers In the face of conviction
The Gift
"Go on, look around, re-cognize your gifts"
The MediaPimp
Whatever happened to the great reporter?"
The Tattva Trip
There are no secrets, Only unpracticed truths
The Tribes of Babel
Appreciate your similarities, celebrate your differences
The Tyrant's Book of Management
About people who create problems so that they can resolve it.
Unfinished Business
How sweet can be longing, without real space?
Walk On
"I'm the human spirit Walking on"
A song on forgiveness
You Are Unlike Your Mother’s Son
Estranged brothers, regret
Your epitaph
The illusion and the reality of interconnectedness in Internet
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