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Niharika Ghosh


From behind the anonymity of my telephone, I was so mesmerized by Mr Mani’s philosophy that I wanted him to keep going on. However, there was an uncanny sense of perspicuity in his reply which prompted me to tie the loose ends of the conversation.

I was happy to let the smaller details slide by, and take back with me the story of a modern-day visionary and philosopher who has been an inspiration to many.

Critics on Rinse & Repeat



Garth Thomas

Hollywood Digest

“Rinse and Repeat” brings so much to the table with just a few tools: Mani’s voice and a guitar. He closes out the song with a heavy breath, as if he were releasing years of turmoil all-at-once. What can the listener glean from this? An astounding appreciation of a songwriter and singer that reveals his heart and his soul in his art, that’s what. It’s no wonder Mani’s fans affectionately call him the “The Singing Sensei”. His honesty and sincerity is spellbinding. He takes the listener off to another world, a different state-of-mind that can only be found between the restlessness and dueling confinements in his voice. Like no other, Mani is an artist that leaves the listener wanting more and more.

Critics on Rinse & Repeat

Mic Ran.jpg

Michael Rand

What is Mani singing about?

The guitar flutters and rumbles underneath his melodic train, like the tracks trying to keep up with the runaway steam engine. Waves of emotion, soundwaves calling out into the night ignite when his voice strikes against the guitar’s strings. It’s like a spark, the flint hitting the hammerstone. 

Critics on Rinse & Repeat

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Mindy McCall

Indie Pulse Music

One of the first things you notice in the song is Mani’s vocal presence. He takes the listener on the journey from the get-go and wraps them around his finger. Mani has a calming, soothing nature that is also rooted in the stuff 80s hair metal front men can only dream of achieving. "I won’t allow myself to be used", he sings, with a calming and almost hypnotic tenor. Bright when he needs the sun shining through, and fearless when the tone calls for something more strict or strong. His voice osculates and reaches new beams with each listen.

Critics on Rinse & Repeat


Mark Druery

Indie Shark Music Magazine

A deep-rooted voice in the rock realm, Mani’s voice is magnetic. He sings with the same gusto as Meatloaf or with the same stronghold grip of Freddie Mercury. When Mani, who Indian audiences have endeared as ‘The Singing Sensei’, sings I won’t allow myself to be used, he’s not just singing words on a page. He feels these words and in turn, the listener soaks up the lyrics as if they were a part of their own diary.

Critics on Rinse & Repeat


Michael Rand


What is Mani singing about?

I think it changed for me with each listen. Yoga practitioners might agree that cleansing breaths are the key to the movements – listening to one’s body. I think “Rinse and Repeat” is part of Mani’s daily ritual and his morning affirmation. After I wrote that, I changed my mind. I think “Rinse and Repeat” is about the connection between Mother Earth and her trust in humankind to take care of the land, only to discover that each generation breaks the covenant. Mani is writing a love letter and pleading for Mother Earth’s forgiveness and clarity. Either story worked for me. I’m positive that Mani’s voice will tattoo itself to the listener’s soul. “Rinse and Repeat” is a canvass worthy of Mani’s voice pallet.

Critics on Rinse & Repeat


Sandeep Chowta

Music Director

Awesome song! I loved your singing and it's a good mix too

On Unfinished Business


Samar Mehdi


Rinse & Repeat - An EP released by the legend himself.

On Rinse and Repeat


Bobin James

Apple Music

The one thing that makes me a fan of Suraj Mani, is his rare songwriting prowess and ability to weave beautiful stories. 

On Tattva Trip

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-19 at 4.11.10 PM.

Fancy George


Great show! I think you’re doing something different from the main stream artists,Suraj. There were many people in the crowd who knew your songs! Awesome idea with the lyric projection. The Authenticity you bring to your songs - and the integrity in thought is next to none.

Message after a Concert


Manish Kumar


Listening to your new single on Apple music. Well done brother. Gave unfinished business a full listen again on my big stereo. As usual, I cried with emotion. You are the best rock songwriter singer in India by miles .

On Unfinished Business


Benson Chacko


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They are so touching....every song is heartfelt and genuine! Blessed to have your music! Thank you.

On Rinse and Repeat


Shonali Sen

Songs are amazing Suraj, I hope this really goes out to be a huge hit! Fantastic lyrics, composition! You nailed it.

On Rinse and Repeat


Ampat Varghese

MAN, what the hell happened?
Rinse and Repeat is tearing my heart apart! This is a holy song.

On Rinse and Repeat


Deepa Sukumar

How soothing your songs are, you don't even know. You made my day.

On Rinse and Repeat


Meghna Bhattacharya 

Yay! It’s finally here! Suraj Mani has finally released an EP that we have been waiting for, for nearly a year now! A musician par excellence, Suraj is a not just a rock poet. He is also part philosopher and all heart. Something that shines through in each word of every song, all of which are a labor of love and offered up in complete honesty. If you’re on my timeline then I know you have impeccable taste in music and my suggestion is don’t miss this one! They’re a slice of manna for the hungry soul! 

On Rinse and Repeat


Suresh Varma

'Pain begets Art’ Valmiki wrote the Ramayana, moved by the lament of a ‘Krauncha’ bird on the death of its mate to a hunters arrow. My friend and brother Suraj Mani has released his new EP on iTunes. These songs come from a dark period in his life. Does that make them special? I don’t know. Are they songs of hope and redemption in these dark times? I don’t know. What I do know is this. These songs shine bright and lustrous in my mind, long after the last note fades out. And that’s why it's Art - pure, unpretentious and unrepentant.

On Rinse and Repeat


Rahul Rishi Kaul

Suraj Mani, the cynical spiritualist as I choose to call him and the singing Sensei as the world chooses to. I never call his works as songs. They’re personal emotions that dance in his melodies. Personal & viscerally raw. So here’s to him again with his new EP Rinse & Repeat, aptly titled for our times. Can’t wait!!

On Rinse and Repeat


John Thomas

There is an image of Suraj Mani stuck in my mind. It is Arts Festival, our 2nd or 3rd year. Suraj comes to the stage with his guitar. He pulls up a wooden stool and sits down (unusual those days). He opens with the line “Time can never mend” (George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”). The sound of his voice and the guitar is an unforgettable experience (even for those who neither knew the song nor the music). The auditorium erupts in sighs, cries and applause. The song will live on people’s lips for days to come. Perhaps the first time TKM experienced rock?

Message after a Concert

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Ashish Joshua

I'm so tempted to start with something like "Suraj Mani has come a long way..." but that wouldn't be entirely accurate. The first time I met Suraj around 25 years ago, he casually picked up an acoustic guitar that was lying around and simply transported us to another world with his mesmerising voice. The few of us who have had the pleasure and the honour of having him around at our parties and general catching-up sessions know that he's always been this way - a passionate, music-generating enigma who will not fail to enthrall you with his voice and a total dedication to his craft. Suraj has released a new album, an EP called "Rinse and Repeat" and it is that same energy and passion that he brings to these songs, albeit with an entirely different depth and plethora of emotions. I wish that each of you will get to hear him live at some point in the future

On Rinse and Repeat


Ankita Barwad

Though I am not as experienced as you in life, I relate to you and understand you so much. Being secular, emotional, being joyful and serene at the same moment, appreciating people, spreading happiness, being compassionate, from keeping art as an escape to the profession, keeping profession and art sorted, being a free soul, doing small efforts to make people feel better. 

I relate to you and to know this is a different feel because I haven't found many people who experience what I experience. I cry while listening to good music. Doesn't matter what lyrics, what rhythm Or composition. When it has an inspiration behind and when it touches you to the core I feel that's when an art becomes art. 

I switched the cam off because I cried on your concert today. 

Thank you for doing this session.

Message after a Concert


Gigi Francis

I joined Suraj once, at a zoom concert. The joy  of connecting with other fans and the singer himself, was something surreal!

Of course, I then wanted to find out more about the  artist, and I happened upon this YouTube video, and then I saw why the  Universe conspired- He like me, had to be away from his parents at the  age of 8, and I could resonate with many of the sentiments he mentions in the segment. The depth of his words, the tears that gathered in his  eyes, and that catch in his throat when he mentioned his early life, spoke of a genuine human being and I see how they have influenced his lyrics!

The power of the lyrics in his songs are mind blowing and I hope that his music reaches far and wide! 

On seeing the Happiness Project.


Amrit Rao


Very nice interview. Very honest. And touching.
Enjoyed every bit of the happiness project episode. But all that matters is being appropriate to the time. It had a big impact on me. Everything in it was honest. Spiritual and deep I could relate to it so much.

On seeing the Happiness Project.


Arti Rao

Bflat Bar

Dear Suraj, You have always been able to make me cry with your songs. Even when you sing something I've heard you do many times before. And I can never tire of your voice, your melodies and poetry. But tonight I understood a little better why you're able to get inside my soul and heart, after I watched you on that television show. You've been to so many dark places in your life and I feel it's like the pain itself was so cathartic that it gave you clarity and humility amongst other things and the artist in you emerged, as did a very compassionate man. It couldn't have been easy for you. Your childhood's or that interview, for that matter. And it felt like you were talking directly to me, because of your candour and sincerity. Thank you for your music and thank you for sharing that moment in your life. Warm regards, always.

On seeing the Happiness Project.

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