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Hey everyone, I wrote a song about something that has seduced us for centuries. The fragrance of soil that wafts in the air just before rain fall - Petrichor...

It's also a true story

I once got out of a bus in the middle of nowhere, on a highway between two cities because our rickety interstate bus had broken down. As I stood there holding my guitar and luggage and waiting for our rescue vehicle, I found myself standing on the sides of a dusty road, watching the rain, seemingly walking towards us from afar.

As the fragrance of the soil rose all around me, I was possessed by a sudden urge to write a song. 5 minutes later and considerably wetter, I was sitting in the next bus writing the lyric, when suddenly a thought hit me!

Why does the soil do that? After all, isn't the soil is supposed to be on the earth? Why does it rise up at the mere promise of rain?

And that made me think how this would make a perfect love song... because in the presence of certain people, we break all our rules.

This is for you


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Hey everyone,

You've heard me say that as an EP, Rinse & Repeat, comes from a turbulent phase of my life.

That's me speaking without particularly saying anything. That sounds like a coward speaking from a space of fear and not like an artist speaking his truth.

I've always told people my stories and the context behind my songs because I believe that's what people connect with. And at the risk of being hurt, I'll do it again.

So, be kind to me as I open up and say that Rinse & Repeat is my way of acknowledging that I failed at my marriage and that I am currently going through a divorce. This is me, looking back at love, its painful destruction and wondering if I have the courage to start afresh in the courtship game. Because though I'd like to, that's an emotional rollercoaster that runs through despair, defiance, love, lust, storms and deathly silence.

Rinse & Repeat, Sacred Ground, La Petite Mort & Samsara, provide a snapshot of love and relationships in a manner that is all too relevant, today.

Am I misstepping in sharing my personal struggles?


Does doing so, hurt others involved?

I hope not.

Sometimes it's hard to know for sure what is right and what is wrong. All I can ask myself in such a situation is, does my decision make me feel stronger or weaker?...

Yes, it makes me feel stronger to share this, because I know that there are many others like me. And while it's still hard for most us to overcome the sorrow of failing at love, none of us need the shame.

So, if you're anything like me, it doesn't matter who you are or where you are in your journey, I guess what I'm trying to say is this: take the decisions that make you feel strong. You're NOT alone.



- Suraj

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I'm not wishing this on anyone, but every now and then, you may find that a major requirement in life, is, to rise above your emotional mess. Maybe you're going through a divorce, maybe it's a breakup, maybe you have been betrayed more than once, and by people you trusted. Whatever the cause, it's completely natural to want to avoid experiencing such pain again. And seemingly, the easiest thing to do is to harden one's soul and deaden one's heart.

But to walk down that road is to also risk blocking out the beautiful people already in your life and other such beautiful people headed your way. To live like that, would be the greater tragedy.

So, we need to overcome the uncertainty of opening our hearts again. As that's easier said than done, here's a song that proposes how to do just that. Peculiarly enough, it is inspired by what alcoholics do at AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). They don't tell themselves that "I will stop drinking for a lifetime". They propose to themselves that "just for today, I will not drink."

So, instead of trying to open your heart for a lifetime, open your heart #JustForToday