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About Ain't that Something?

Hey there trippers,

I hope you are doing good and life is treating you well. And since today is a special day, here's my personal Valentine's day wish to all of you. It's a song for you to celebrate the day by and a thought to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Here's how it came about:

I was once asked to write a song about Valentine's Day. And though at first I hesitated because I really didn't know what to say that hadn't been said before, it got me thinking that maybe I should write about love from the perspective of someone who truly knew what love meant.

In my head,

I imagine this song to be a conversation between a dog and it's master of mistress, where the dog is explaining what makes love such a beautiful thing.

Now, ain't that something!

Available on all streaming platforms.Listen to it here

- Suraj 💕

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