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Insights into the Rinse & Repeat EP

Hey everyone,

You've heard me say that as an EP, Rinse & Repeat, comes from a turbulent phase of my life.

That's me speaking without particularly saying anything. That sounds like a coward speaking from a space of fear and not like an artist speaking his truth.

I've always told people my stories and the context behind my songs because I believe that's what people connect with. And at the risk of being hurt, I'll do it again.

So, be kind to me as I open up and say that Rinse & Repeat is my way of acknowledging that I failed at my marriage and that I am currently going through a divorce. This is me, looking back at love, its painful destruction and wondering if I have the courage to start afresh in the courtship game. Because though I'd like to, that's an emotional rollercoaster that runs through despair, defiance, love, lust, storms and deathly silence.

Rinse & Repeat, Sacred Ground, La Petite Mort & Samsara, provide a snapshot of love and relationships in a manner that is all too relevant, today.

Am I misstepping in sharing my personal struggles?


Does doing so, hurt others involved?

I hope not.

Sometimes it's hard to know for sure what is right and what is wrong. All I can ask myself in such a situation is, does my decision make me feel stronger or weaker?...

Yes, it makes me feel stronger to share this, because I know that there are many others like me. And while it's still hard for most us to overcome the sorrow of failing at love, none of us need the shame.

So, if you're anything like me, it doesn't matter who you are or where you are in your journey, I guess what I'm trying to say is this: take the decisions that make you feel strong. You're NOT alone.



- Suraj

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2 commentaires

I've been listening to the Rinse & Repeat EP on repeat lately, and it's been an absolute game-changer. The beats are fresh and the lyrics hit hard, creating an unforgettable vibe. If you’re into innovative soundscapes, this EP is a must-listen. By the way, has anyone tried under eye filler Dubai? I'm curious about the results!


Noah James
Noah James
21 déc. 2023

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