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"Ignoring Gravity", The perfect love song.

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Hey everyone, I wrote a song about something that has seduced us for centuries. The fragrance of soil that wafts in the air just before rain fall - Petrichor...

It's also a true story

I once got out of a bus in the middle of nowhere, on a highway between two cities because our rickety interstate bus had broken down. As I stood there holding my guitar and luggage and waiting for our rescue vehicle, I found myself standing on the sides of a dusty road, watching the rain, seemingly walking towards us from afar.

As the fragrance of the soil rose all around me, I was possessed by a sudden urge to write a song. 5 minutes later and considerably wetter, I was sitting in the next bus writing the lyric, when suddenly a thought hit me!

Why does the soil do that? After all, isn't the soil is supposed to be on the earth? Why does it rise up at the mere promise of rain?

And that made me think how this would make a perfect love song... because in the presence of certain people, we break all our rules.

This is for you


Available on all platforms. You can listen to it here

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I was searching about workplace health and safety policies and procedures suddenly i see this post i really like to read it.


Oct 30, 2020

Just Love your behind the song stories !

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