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Karmic Steps

Swept by throngs swelling around me

Peopled with king and commoner

Reined in by the invisible yokes of reason

And the warm tyranny of the familiar

Opened my eyes again

To hear a man call my name

As I reached for him I found a prayer

Seems to me we walked on water

Now did I dream up the stranger?

I’m no longer sure I understand

The crossing deepens with every truth I discover

I need a helping hand

I’ve stood outside the banks of heaven

Wondering if I’ll ever wanna belong

Too inured by what sometimes surrounded me

To reach for that which lay beyond

I’ve seen faith & action, shorn of each other

Watched whole armies pick either bow or arrow

I’ve mocked “warriors” like that, been one myself

For thus, I was led... but I no longer follow

I hold the thought & walk off my pier

With hands outstretched to grasp the other

And I’m on feet that are yearning to rediscover

the feel of karmic steps carved on water

-Suraj Mani

"Seems to me we walked on water"

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