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Now Mona, Mona, Mona
didn’t think you’d wanna
run the canteen

if you know what i mean

Mona, Mona, Mona
desperate of you to wanna
get into my phone and TV
what’s in it for me?, your hot holography?!!

P.S: Miss Mona, something’s amiss
i’d hoped you’d rock, not roll over like this
i heard you tell folk you’d clear up the streets
but you’re hustling hicks,

 like the manor born to it

you’re a new class of messiah
to a new minority of sleaze
posing for air-brushed pics
amidst potholes n’piss

a self-styled fashionista
a wolf in white fleece
a nightmare in that sheer 2 piece
faking Vital Statistics

P.S: Miss Mona, something’s amiss
i sense the distractions, i see thru your tricks
you lie revealed, a twittering narcissist
right next to your bro, the bloodstained fascist

hell, time will come, you know
when your time is over
and since yours is a silence that has
fools n’freaks bolder

the last thing you need
is their grubby prints
Any(SINGLE)One of our kids

Honey,i’m serious, pay attention please
our family’s diverse but united on this
you’ll die a pariah in a circle of sleaze
the Piper of Fat-Cats, Rabid-Rats and Swiss Cheese

-Suraj Mani

A Love story gone wrong

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