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Blood In The Apple

I look into the dark pool of suffering
And I’m transfixed in its stare
Like a moth lured into a universe screaming
As death comes alive in its godless air
Watched it steal succor from my sleep
With dreams conceived in a poisoned womb
Suffer me tears of anger to weep
And eyes that feel like open wounds.
They say home’s a place that ends a journey
Mine’s just a picture gone up in flames
Burning in homage to another mans memory
A guiltless being who once held my name.
And now you see me, cos you’re me
Today’s victim of yesterdays war.
I heeded not your cries for mercy
Coz every gatekeeper of hell, is sometimes the door

Fed on fruit from the desert, a bush laden with hate

Crazed by a sorrow that, like poison cuts thru my veins
I swung my sword, I glimpsed his forked tongue too late
There’s blood in the apple & nothing to gain
except... maybe...
one more ripple in the circle of pain
one more cripple in the circle of pain

-Suraj Mani


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