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Fields of Sound

Amidst rituals of living

We surrender to the beyond

Crossover worshippers swaying

to the hypnotic colors of sound

You’re not here in body

Yet your songs with us remain

Like waves that will not weary

To claim these shores again

Blessed travelers from the fields of sound

You’ve roamed the paradise of the musical legion

Pushing boundaries from the eye of the storm

Baptizing with melody, the sweetest religion

You’re the beautiful notes in a symphony of spirits

the threads in our tapestry of dreams

Where every color blends together

Like the droplets, the oceans, the rivers and streams

We hunger with an appetite whetted

By the fires in your hearts

On your wings, soar unfettered

feeling whole, just a part

-Suraj Mani

A homage to music, a homage to musicians

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