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You reveal yourself

You reveal yourself to loving eyes 

Like a poem, by the greatest ever

By Him, who writes in 3 dimensions

To me, who scrawls on paper

You reach for me, I melt like ice

In a burning ring of desire

And I find a purity to my life 

Around your kind of fire 

Perhaps, O Phoenix; you're here for me 

A flame, a companion, a lover 

A delicious contradiction, who's free to be 

a poet, 

a singer, 

a dancer, 

a mother

a healer, 

a survivor , 

a teacher, 

a traveller  

a crusader, 

a home maker, 

a springboard, 

a shelter

a writer

an actor,

a siren, 

a saviour 

a leader,


a shopper, 

a saver

a sister

a daughter, 

a worker, 

a winner

-Suraj Mani

Perhaps, O Phoenix; you're here for me

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