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The World Smiles

Irony is a British kind of funny,

You take a big slice of lime, nice & juicy

Shred it, skin and all, into a thimble of tea

And sip it like great sports, now that’s a limey anomaly

Black humor is lost without its enemy

As laughter it survives

Hardships that are history

And as the blues it thrives

In between is the oriental smile

So subtle, sometimes you wonder if it’s real or servile

But yin turns to yang and opposites come true

All smiles curve, but laughter reaches eyes genuinely outta view

And the world smiles

The world smiles

Let’s not forget the American guffaw

Free and loud, low-brow, charmingly so

Unc’ Sam, Leno, you know, I know, hell the whole world knows

His ‘liberty’ joke will kill’ya, claims GI Joe

And the world smiles

The world smiles

Closer home, there’s Indian mirth

Belly laughs of varied girth

Singing, dancing, convulsing with birth

A billion people laughing in dearth

About the way various people in the world smile.

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