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Kairos On Wings

It is one's choice, to seek one's voice

To wait in the side lines, or soar in the skies

It is one's choice, join me, rejoice

Kairos on wings, I trip, I rise!

'Work' is love made visible, o'er time and space

So I sing to the Gods with a smile on my face

"When I see you so happy, it lights up my days"

And that, you should know, is what my mirror says!

Set course. Stay true. I promise we''ll grow

In sync. In time. LIKEYOURMUSIC. Flow!

Kairos on wings. Kairos in Flow!

Go Indie, go indie, go indie, go.

-Suraj Mani

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come". My ode to Indie music

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