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Consummate Dancer

I once told you I loved you

I really wasn't sure

That's where I started

With a simple lie, at your door

I stumbled, You swayed

You swayed around in answer 

At times, my love

O Consummate Dancer

You left me breathless

Shorn of pretence

And the music,... paused,

in awed silence

B'twixt the suitors that sought your glance

Fool that I was, with my head, I danced

With senses that thrilled, at your smiles

Those first ten thousand miles

For every step I complicated

Your's simply stayed divine

Till I moved to the beat of my heart

Knowing we'd be fine

By then I'd spent lifetimes 

In your arms and in your eyes

When only a moment

Was enough to realise 

That when You tell me You love me

You really are so sure

And that's what keeps me forever Dancing at your door.

-Suraj Mani

Fool that I was, with my head, I danced

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