Samsara sums up the Rinse & Repeat EP, and is literally and musically, a coda (a concluding musical section that is formally distinct from the main structure.) For a song so short, Samsara holds entire worlds within itself. And an empowering intent: May you dance through the ups and downs of life with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

- Suraj

  • Manaf

Hello, Trippers

While the original plan was to have this blog be a chronicle about what happens in each city. We realized that it is too ambitious of an objective. Hence the promises were not fulfilled. Because whatever city we went to one of the main thing was the unity which music and the arts provide. So each city was lovely. Amazing food, amazing people and all. So it was becoming a little tough to make out what makes each city great. Because the love was real, the joy was real. It is also heartening to see this in the tough times we live in. So anyway, this blog will not be chronicling each city. Instead, most of the frequent updates will happen in social media. But this will be updated, if and when it is deemed necessary. Plus we will be releasing our new content here exclusively for the subscribers. So watch out.

Regarding the Rinse and repeat tour, we played in old Haveli's to girls hostel and it was a genuine pleasure every-time. In each city, we might have had different emotions when we entered. But in each city we laughed, we cried, we sang, oh how we sang. We were genuinely sad to leave each city behind. But we will be coming back. Because we are on a never-ending trip.

Now the question as always is, are you ready?

Are you ready for the trip?

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  • Manaf

Hello, Tribe.

This is Manaf. So me and Suraj have been traveling the country as part of "Rinse and Repeat tour."

This is a 15 city tour with the lovely people at Motojojo. This is our chronicles of this travel.

So the structure of Motojojo is usually one poet, one storyteller, one instrumentalist and then the traveling musician which in this case is Suraj. The venues change frequently. But it is always intimate and has a potluck element which helps people connect over food as well.

We began in the city of dreams, Mumbai. We were staying with the founder of Motojojo himself, Sunny R Awasthi and his family. We got to experience the crowd of Mumbai first hand as the venue was a Yoga studio amidst a very busy market along with nonstop rains. But none of that manage to defeat the resilient audience who managed to show up. The concert went well and people were dancing to the music, by far one of our best audience.

From there we traveled to Pune the next day, to a completely different setting since this took place in Soundtrack Cafe which has some amazing sound courtesy of Audio Technik. We stayed with a lovely bunch of people who took us out to experience the Pune nightlife. We also hilariously had to jump the gate of the house we were staying in the middle of the night because it was locked and the security guard was sleeping.

The third and final place on this trip through Maharashtra was in Nashik. This took place in retro Bungalow within a half-acre land with beautiful trees. It was a serene experience. The owner had the place since 1947. He makes custom furniture there for his clients. Met some amazing people, met some old Motherjane fans. We stayed with metal head, guitarist and amazing chef all rolled into one Mr. Shankul Chavan. We shall be singing stories of his hospitality and his amazing chicken burger to all who would listen.

So this was the first week. More stories coming in the coming weeks.

If you are wondering why we are doing this tour, the music, of course, is a factor. But not just that. It is about connecting with people. With the audience, with other artists. With you.

Because the songs we sing are stories themselves,we are also connecting with one song, one person at a time. But Each time you attend one of this shows you become a song as well.

So while you might not have realized it at the time, this trip is about you. These songs are about you. Your song becomes part of a larger story. Part of the legend of The Tattva Tripper.

Who is that you ask?

Well, that is a tale for another day. Follow this Trip with us to find out.

So welcome, tribe to the real trip. This is just the beginning